Anya Frederick

Miss St. Vincent Electricity Services Ltd

Born on September 16th 1995, she was given the name Anya Frederick. She is sister to four (4) siblings and lives in the community known as Queen’s Drive.
Anya is currently employed as a customer services clerk at the St. Vincent Electricity Services Ltd. (VINLEC).

She is an active Guider whose journey began fifteen (15) years ago as a Brownie. During her tenure in this organisation she was entrusted with many responsibilities which include reviving the #28 Guide Company and coordinating charitable events for HIV/AIDS awareness. To date, she has completed over 300 hours of community service. Anya aspires to sit on the board of the Western Hemisphere Region and the International Board of Guiding, emulating noble Vincentian Guiders such as Ms Rochelle Forde and Ms Réchanne Browne.

In 2011 she entered and was ultimately crowned in the Scotia Bank National Secondary Schools Miss Heritage Pageant and hopes to hold the coveted Miss SVG title as well.

Her career goal is to be an actuary.

Anya lives her life believing that everything happens for a reason.