Brother And Sister Win Big At Schools Junior Calypso And Soca Monarch

The 2016 National Schools Calypso and Soca Monarch champions are Tia Wyllie, Kristian and Kristiana Christopher.
Kristian Christopher of the Layou Government came out on top in the Primary Schools category of the Junior Calypso Competition with her song: Break the Silence.

Second was Ziel Cain of the New Prospect Primary, with: I’m Asking Why, while Daleann Nero of the Sandy Bay Primary was third with: My Dream.

In the Secondary Schools category, Tia Wyllie of the Thomas Saunders Secondary School was first with: Don’t Give up; Kristiana Christopher also of the Thomas Saunders Secondary was second with: We have Come Far and Brianca Matthias of the Girls’High School was third with: Music is Work.

In the Junior Soca category, winner of Junior Calypso 2015, Kristiana Christopher of the Thomas Saunders Secondary was first with Bulldozer; Delanzo Lavia of the Sandy Bay Secondary was second with Rebellion; and Sakura Lorraine also of the Sandy Bay Primary was third with Carnival Hot.

Twenty-five Finalists were featured in yesterday’s competition at the Victoria Park.