PM Regrets Alleged Mistreatment Of Journalist

St. Vincent and the Grenadines Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves says he regrets the alleged mistreatment of United States Sports Journalist at the E.T. Joshua Airport on the night of August 29.

A local news has reported that, Grant Wahl tweeted to his followers that there was only one customs officer on duty at the airport when he arrived, which caused him to spend three hours in line while the officer went through the bag and suitcase of every person entering the country at that time.

Wahl also posted an eight second video reportedly showing airport staffers snapping at persons using their mobile devices, and pointing to the no cellular phone use sign.

Speaking at a news conference on August 30, Dr. Gonsalves said while he could not confirm the reports at the time, such actions were unacceptable, adding that the approach by some customs officers to search every piece of people’s belongings is wrong.

The PM pointed out that the jobs of Immigration and Customs workers are to welcome visitors and they are the immediate face of any country.