Restoring St. Georges Cathedral

There will be a fund raising event for the restoration of the historical St. Georges Cathedral Church in Kingstown – which will be held upstairs the Russell’s Auditorium located in Stoney Grounds on Sunday November 6th.

While giving a brief history on the Church, C. Leopold Friday, Bishop of the Windward Islands, said there has been no major work carried out on the St. Georges Cathedral in more than 25 years.

He added that termites have infested the cathedral causing major parts of the church to become inoperative with the passage of time.

Bishop Friday said the Late Dean Rev. Patrick Mc Intosh had met with a group called the Atlantic Heritage Foundation of the USA who is expected to assist with the project.

A sacred concert, a dinner party and moonlight cruise are plans expected to be hosted by the committee to raise funds for the restoration of the Church.

The St. Georges Cathedral was first constructed on September 8th 1820.