Road Cleaning Exercise

Approximately 5000 persons are working on the Annual Christmas Road Cleaning Programme, being carried out by the Buildings Roads and General Services Authority (BRAGSA).

The programme, which is being carried out in communities across the country, got underway on Tuesday, and will run for a period of two weeks.

Roxtanne Millington, BRAGSA’s Communications Officer said the exercise will focus particularly on the clearing of drains, in the wake of flooding which occurred during the trough which affected the country last week.

Ms. Millington noted that persons would be aware that this programme is off to a late start due to the restoration works being carried out on both the leeward and windward sides of the island.

She stated that landslides are still being cleared on the leeward side while on the windward end the team is working on temporary by-pass roads so persons can commute right up to Fancy.