Mental Health Patients

Patients of the Mental Health Rehabilitation Centre returned to the facility at Villa on Tuesday, where the Ministry of Health has re-commenced the delivery of mental health services.

The Management, Staff and Patients of the Centre were formerly housed at Orange Hill to facilitate renovations at the Villa location.

The Ministry thanks the residents of the various communities in North Windward, particularly those in Orange Hill, for hosting the patients during the period of renovation.

The Ministry has developed a draft National Mental Health Policy, to address the level of insufficiencies in Mental Health Services.

Diana Bailey, Senior Nursing Officer at the Mental Health Rehabilitation Centre said the policy will be used as a tool to adopt a more acceptable standard of care.

She noted that promoting good mental health can be a powerful tool for encouraging a more kind and friendlier society.

The Mental Health Rehabilitation Centre was renovated at a cost of just over four million EC dollars under the 10th European Development Fund Modernization of the Health Sector project.