Wanted Men Investigated

One of the two men wanted by local Police is currently in police custody, while the other has been released.

The police indicated that they are unable to give any information in relation to the suspects.

According to the Public Relations Department, Jomarno Tash a 25 year old mechanic of Rockies, who goes by the alias ‘Small Man’ and Colin David of Long Wall, a male in his early 30s, well known as Cocoa Tea, were wanted by the Police in connection with an alleged drive by shooting which took place in Murray’s Village, Friday night.

Both men were detained by the police, however one of the men has since been released.

Police told NBC News that they were unable to divulge any further information into the matter, as investigations into the incident, continues.

It is also unclear as to the status of the man shot during the shooting incident.

NBC News understands that he is still a patient at the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital.