Traffic Warning

The Traffic Department of the Royal St. Vincent and the Grenadines Police Force has issued a warning to motorists whose vehicle registration plates are not in compliance with the law that they have 24 hours to have them corrected.

Sergeant Henry Providence of the Traffic Department, said the Department has observed where some motorists are putting number plates on dash boards, others are writing the numbers on papers as well as using italics on their number plates. Sergeant Providence said the Department wants to deal with this early this year.
He said Motorists have 24 hours to have the plates corrected.

Outlining what the law stipulates in Chapter 483 of The Laws of St.Vincent and the Grenadines, Sergeant Providence stated that section 3 states: “(a) The background of the plate shall be black and the letters and figures shall be white; or (b) (i) Front plate –The background of the plate shall be yellow (luminous) and the letters and figures be black”.

He added section 4 further states: “All letters and figures must be three and a half inches high; evey part of every letter and figure must be five-eights of an inch broad; and the total width of the space taken by every letter or figure except in the case of figure 1, must be two and a half inches.”

According to section 5, “The space between adjoining letters and between adjoining figures must be half-an-inch, and there must be a margin between the nearest part of any letter or figure and the top and bottom.