Police Update – January 8th

Two men appeared before the Serious Offences Court yesterday, to answer to the charges laid before them.

Police have arrested and charged Thora Jack, 37 year old Farmer and Ochocko Hamilton 31 year old Farmer both of Byera on January 5th at about 4:30pm for having in their possession controlled drug to wit, 3448 grammes and 3, 906 grammes of cannabis respectively, at Rabacca with intent to supply it to another.

And police also arrested and charged Kelron John, a 44 year old Irrigation officer of Byera, for having in his possession controlled drugs.

The Byera man was found with 4968 grammes of cannabis with intent to supply it to another at Grand Bay, Canouan about 7:15pm on January 5th.

John is expected to appear before the Serious Offenses Court to answer to answer to the charge.

….. Meanwhile At 7:30 am on January 8th, Police was alerted to what appeared to be a dead body lying on the beach in Peruvian Vale in close proximity to the Argyle International Airport.

The Police responded and discovered an unidentified and lifeless body of a Caucasian male which appeared to have been washed ashore on the beach.

The body is slimly built, about six (6) feet two (2) inches in height and was adjudged to be in the mid-thirties.

The District Medical Officer was informed and later pronounced the body dead at 7:50 am.

A post mortem will be conducted on the body to ascertain the cause of death.