The St. Vincent and the Grenadines Cycling Union’s 3rd Event of the year took place yesterday, when Zefal Bailey, Peter Durrant and Omar Baptiste won races at the runway of the E.T Joshua Airport.

Bailey won the Elite Division 20-mile event in one hour, two minutes, 42.02 seconds, second was Enroy Lewis in one hour, two minutes 42.55 seconds, and third was Samuel Lyttle in one hour, two minutes, 43.00 seconds.

Durrant copped the Masters Division 16-mile event in 52 minutes, 38.42 seconds, second was Steve “CAP” Ollivierre in 52 minutes 48.41 seconds, Oral Baptiste third in 56 minutes, 06.10 seconds, and fourth was Martin Bollers in 1 hour, 04 minutes, 30.22 seconds.

Omar Baptiste was the lone rider in the 7.2-mile Junior Division, winning in a time of 27 minutes, 09.00 seconds.

The next Event on the Cycling Union’s programme will be a race between the Arnos Vale Round-About and Ratho Mill on Sunday March 4th.