Ms. SVG 2018

The seven contestants who would be competing in the 2018 Miss SVG Pageant were officially sashed on Saturday evening at a ceremony, hosted by the Beauty Shows Committee of the Carnival Development Corporation.

The contestants are: Miss Flow-Solange Fernandez; Miss Vincentian Chocolate-Cameisha Foster; Ms. Mustique Company Limited-Criscione Morgan; Ms. Massy Stores SVG Limited-Morrissia Williams; Ms. GECCU-Azanie Lavia; Miss Metrocint General Insurance Company Limited-Nazira Graham and Miss Lotto-Shellisa Nanton.

At Saturday’s ceremony, Minister of Culture Cecil Mc Kie, explained that the Ministry of Tourism is placing heavy emphasis on marketing this country’s Festivals. Meanwhile, Chairman of the Carnival Development Corporation, Ricky Adams, said that the Ms. SVG Pageant, is the first significant event for Vincy Mas 2018.

Mr. Adams witnessed the sashing of the delegates in this year’s competition and said he is pleased with contestants selected for this year’s Pageant.

The General Employees Co-operative Credit Union (GECCU); The St. Vincent Cocoa Company and Massy Stores are the three new sponsors of the Miss SVG Pageant.