Local Farmers and Fisherfolk are being urged to come forward with business ideas for funding under the OECS Regional Agricultural Competitiveness Project, ARGICOM                                                                     

The project is being implemented locally by the Ministry of Agriculture Forestry and Fisheries.

The Ministry says the call is open to Farmers, Fishers, Aggregators and Agro-Processors, until Friday 30th August Eligible persons can submit Business Idea Profiles to the Project Implementation Unit, in the Ministry of Agriculture.

 According to the Ministry, this call is open for Business Idea Profiles for agriculture, livestock (poultry, small ruminants and cattle), fisheries and agro-products. The project was launched in early 2018, and is being financed through a loan of USD$4.3 million from the World Bank.  

The objective of the project is to enhance access to markets and sales for selected Farmers and Fishers as well as Aggregators and Agro-processors.

Interested farmers/fishers and aggregators/agro-processors can obtain the Business Idea Profile Template and the User’s Guide, for the preparation of the Business Idea Profiles from the Ministry of Agriculture or at