In the HAIROUN North East Knock-out Football Championship, Owia defeated Dickson 2-nil to advance to the knockout final at the Chili Playing Field, in Georgetown.

Jarvis Hoyte and Davidson Baptiste scored a goal each.

In yesterday’s second game, Diamonds beat Chapmans 1-nil to end their unbeaten run in the Knock-out Championship and advance to the Final. The victory came through a goal by Suenallie Richards.

Diamonds and Owia will contest the Final scheduled for 8th November at the Chili Playing Field. The North East League Championship will resume on, Wednesday afternoon at 4:15.

Diamonds, Brownstown, South Union, Spring, Chapmans, Owia, North Union and Overland are into the quarter-finals. Owia will meet North Union in the first League Cup quarter-final.