There were victories for D’s Blocks and Trucking Gomea Bombers, CGM Challenger Novice, Fairbairn United Spartans, Sion Hill Tallawahs, and Nice Radio Clinchers in the National Lotteries Authority Top Belair Progressive Organization (TBPO) Twenty/20 Softball Cricket Championship at the Dauphine Playing Field on the weekend.

D’s Blocks and Trucking Gomea Bombers won by default over Stag Older Boys, who failed to show up with a full team.

CGM Challenger Novice beat Fairbairn United Spartans by 5 wickets in a match reduced to 15-overs because of a late start.

The scores: Fairbairn United Spartans 65 all out in 9.5-overs; (Rokeem Roberts 22; Newboune Joseph 2 for 2), CGM Gallagher Novice 66 for 5 off 9-overs; (Vernardo Primus 24 not out, Rokeem Roberts 3 for 18).

Fairbairn United Spartans won by default when Smashers failed to show up on time for the game. They were 1 hour late.

Sion Hill Tallawahs defeated Dr. Thomas Injectors by 73 runs in a match reduced to 12-overs because of rain.

The scores: Sion Hill Tallawahs 103 off 12-overs; (Delanzo Lavia 41, Manley Duncan 26; Tex Franklyn 2 for 26), Dr. Thomas Injectors 30 off 10.2-overs; (Denson Hoyte 5 for 3, Marlon Baptiste 2 for 11).

Meanwhile, Nice Radio Clinchers had a 5-wicket victory over Sunset Strikers in a match reduced to 13-overs because of rain.

The scores: Sunset Strikers 66 off 12.3-overs; (Jabari Cunningham 40; O’ Keiph Andrews 3 for 8, Kerwin Browne 2 for 1, Donaldson Harry 2 for 20), Nice Radio Clinchers 67 for 5 off 10.3-overs; (O’ Keiph Andrews 25; Travis Cumberbatch 2 for 19).