Poor weather conditions have prohibited any drone surveys or aerial photographs of the La Soufriere Volcano over the past few days

The National Emergency Management Organization {NEMO} says no drone surveys or aerial photographs of the volcano were done at the La Soufriere Volcano over the past few days.

This is due to poor weather conditions, however, satellite observations on March 1 confirmed that the dome continues to grow slowly.

According to the latest bulletin, the new seismic station constructed at the National Parks Interpretation Centre at Bamboo Range, on the eastern side of the volcano is operational.

The streaming of data from this into the Seismic Research Centre (SRC) began on March 01, 2021.

A new continuous Global Positioning System (GPS) monitoring station was installed at the monument recently constructed in Fancy.

Work continued at the Belmont Observatory, on the installation of the seismic data acquisition system.

Additional measurements of carbon dioxide in soil along the lower sides of the volcano is completed.

Three members of the Seismic Research Centre Team returned to Trinidad and Tobago on Monday. They are Dr. Michal Camejo, Ms. Monique Johnson & Mr. Garth Mannette.

The National Emergency Management Organisation is reminding the public that no evacuation order or notice has been issued.

NEMO continues to appeal to the public to desist from visiting the La Soufrière Volcano, especially going into the crater, since doing so is extremely dangerous.

NEMO will continue to provide regular updates on all activities taking place at La Soufrière