Persons collecting food packages from NEMO are asked to do so within one week of being called

The National Emergency Management Organization is urging individuals who will be collecting food packages at given venues, to collect these packages within one week of being called.

A release from the Agency for Public Information says the packages will be kept at out district locations for one week only, from the date of notification as this has implications for storage space at those locations.

Persons who have been called and have received the location where their package is to be picked up are asked to collect immediately to free up space for other packages to be sent.

In the South Central Windward constituency, the collection point is at the North Union Market

South Windward Constituency at the Stubbs Community Centre and Biabou Evangelical Church

The Glenside Seventh Day Adventist Church in Marriaqua 

Club Envy at Arnos Vale in the West St. George Constituency

In Central Kingstown the collection point is at the Green Hill Evangelical Church, Redemption Sharpes Community Centre and Old Montrose SSU Police Base.

In West Kingstown at Faith Temple Church-New Montrose and Ottley Hall Mobile Police Unit

In South Leeward at Rillan Hill Community Centre & Campden Park Community Hard Court.

There will be Village shuttles only in East Kingstown and Central Leeward constituencies

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