The Marriaqua United Friendly Society (Bunpan) extends assistance to 23 students to further their education

Two full scholarships and 20 bursaries were presented by the Marriaqua United Friendly Society (Bunpan) this week, to students to assist in their secondary education.

President of the Society Rickie Burnett, on Monday handed over checks valued at 14-hundred EC-dollars each to Steffi Gabriella Stapleton of the Kingstown Government School and D’Angelo Jackson of the Kingstown Preparatory School, who entered secondary school at the start of the 2021/22 school year.

Steffi Stapleton, who placed 29th for girls in the Caribbean Primary Exit Assessment (CPEA) Exams, is attending the Girls High School. She is the daughter of Cardon and Roxanne Stapleton.

And, D’Angelo Jackson, the son of Phillip Jackson and Heather Richards-Mc Calmon placed 56th for boys and is enrolled at the St Vincent Grammar School.

The scholarships which cover five years in secondary school and two  years of tertiary education, also provide for payment of all examination fees.

In addition to the two full scholarships, one-off bursaries were given to twenty-one other students who were successful in the 2021 CPEA.

In making the presentations Mr. Burnett encouraged the parents to help the students to be focused, highlighting the fact that online studies are now part of the mode of classroom delivery. He also extended congratulations to the recipients, who were not present as they were attending classes.