Application for fully vaccinated events has resumed

The Health Services Sub-committee of NEMO has announced that the review of applications for fully vaccinated events has resumed.

The Committee said all private citizens, organizations, promoters, DJs and event co-ordinators are being asked to take note.

The Sub-Committee reminded the public that the mass gathering protocols for indoor and outdoor gatherings are still in effect

The maximum number of persons for indoors is 10 and the number for outdoors is 20.  And for places of worship, the maximum is 1/3 of the capacity of the venue.

These gatherings include, but are not limited to clubs, bars, restaurants, wedding, funerals, conference rooms, churches and private gatherings.

Those wishing to exceed the required capacity are asked to note the revised protocol for fully vaccinated events:

Option 1: Fully vaccinated (1st&2nddoses or a single dose) and appropriately boosted (5-6 months) for all eligible patrons, vendors, health and security personnel;

Option 2: Fully vaccinated (1st&2nddoses) and a negative antigen test taken no more than 24 hours prior to the event at an approved testing site or by a testing team approved by the Ministry of Health, for those who are not appropriately boosted. This applies to all eligible patrons, vendors, and health and security personnel.

The Health Services Sub-committee said it continues to be guided by the ever-evolving science as it works with the public to maintain the health and wellbeing of the nation.

Meanwhile, Health Promotions Officer in the Ministry of Health Shanika John said persons who wish to hold vaccinated events should consult with the Ministry of Health before making plans to host their event.

Speaking on NBC’s Face to Face Programme this morning, Miss John said Promoters and Event Organisers should seek to ensure that their arrangements comply with the relevant protocols.