Vincentians are being encouraged to continue to comply with Safety Protocols

Chief Medical Officer (CMO), Dr. Simone Keizer-Beache said while they continue to observe that there was no major spike in COVID19 cases coming out of the Easter period, they still want Vincentians to continue complying with the Safety Protocols.

In an interview with NBC News, the CMO said as of yesterday the country had twenty-one active cases of COVID19.

She noted that there are currently no admissions at medical facilities for COVID19.

Dr. Keizer-Beache said while they are not seeing a spike in COVID19 Cases after the Easter they know that there are people across the country who might not be feeling well.

She is therefore appealing to these people to get tested for COVID19 and have the positive cases reported so that the Health authorities can have a true picture of the Pandemic across the country.