SVG Yacht, Sweet Janina wins the 2nd Windward 500 Race Series

The St Vincent and the Grenadines Yacht, Sweet Janina won the 2nd Windward 500 Race Series on 20th May.

The 500 nautical mile non-stop race took Sweet Janina from Bequia on 17th May, along the western coast of St Vincent and St Lucia, round Diamond Rock off Martinique, to Sandy Lane on the west coast of Barbados, to Grenada and back to Bequia where they finished the race at 4.00 a. m on 20th May.

Janina was captained by Mickey Bracken, and comprised a crew of Kelly Glass, Brian Marks-Dasent, Rocky Punnett, Corey Caldwell and 11-year-old, Kai Marks-Dasent.