Public health seeks the public’s support for safer food this Christmas season

The Public Health Department in the Ministry of Health, Wellness and the Environment is encouraging the public to work with the department to prevent, detect and manage food borne diseases and risks, so as to maintain and improve health during the Christmas season.

According to a release from the ministry the theme “Safer Food, Better Health” will be adopted and persons are asked to practice food habits that are in harmony with the theme.

The ministry says it is important to note that safe food is essential to health and wellbeing, as well as a guarantor for good health. It further stated that the benefits of safe food include improved nutrition and health, reduced absenteeism in schools and workplaces and ultimately an improvement in health and wellbeing.

Considering that there are multiple stakeholders who engage in food servicing at this time, the Public Health Department is asking that these five (5) key food safety measures be observed and practiced. These include:

  • The use of safe water and raw materials;
  • Cooking food thoroughly;
  • Keeping the surroundings and food contact surfaces clean;
  • Separating raw food from cook food; and
  • Keeping food at safe temperatures.

A further appeal is extended to food businesses, inclusive of butchering and slaughtering service providers, to comply with the Department’s food safety guidelines and engage employees, suppliers and other stakeholders to develop and practice a culture of food safety and hygiene.

In an effort to support this food safety and hygienic initiative, the Public Health Department will be deploying inspectors throughout the state to provide meat and other food inspection services. As a result, we are kindly requesting your usual support and corporation as we continue to work together towards Safer Food and Better Health.