Stubbs Police Youth Club executes final Christmas community project for 2022

On Monday 19 December 2022, the Stubbs Police Youth Club executed its second (2nd) and final Christmas community project for 2022 at the Stubbs Community Centre.

The project which was executed under the theme “Love in Action” saw eleven (11) children who lost one or both parents in recent years receiving Christmas gift baskets.

According to Area Coordinator, Corporal Lovitha Boyea, only five (5) children were initially air-marked to be beneficiaries.   “However, we discovered that there were more children who fit the criteria and as such, we made a decision to increase the number of recipients and value of the baskets”, said Boyea.

Deputy Coordinator, Yolande London said “Losing a loved one can bring some challenges, especially for children and they are ready and willing to provide that support to children.

The ceremony also heard brief remarks from Assistant Superintendent of Police, Junior Simmons, SAGICOR representative  Alicia Pilgrim, National Coordinator of Police Youth Clubs, Sergeant of Police, Stephen Billy, and Area Representative Frederick Stevenson, Minister of the Public Service, Sports, etc.

The initiative was sponsored by FLOW, Digicel and SAGICOR.