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Garifuna Heritage Month Exhibitions Aims To Spark Interest In Garifuna Culture

Aspects of the local Garifuna heritage and culture will be on display here next month in a traditional Garifuna Village to be constructed as part of the 4th International Garifuna Festival. The village will be established on the ground of the Old Public Library building in Kingstown next month from March 8th to the 12th… Continue Reading →

National Schools Garifuna Cultural Festival Aims To Raise Cultural Awareness Among Young People

The Garifuna Heritage Foundation will host the 2nd National Schools Garifuna Cultural Folk festival here next month as part of the 4th International Garifuna Festival. The event will be held on March 11th under the theme: “Know Your History” and is scheduled to commence at 9AM at the Victoria Park. It is being organized in… Continue Reading →

Dr. Ralph Gonsalves Wants Calcification On The Garifuna Citizenship Proposal

Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves has called on the Opposition Leader to clarify his proposal for providing honorary citizenship for members of the Garifuna community around the world. NDP Leader – Arnhim Eustace announced the proposal at a town hall meeting in New York on Sunday. Speaking at a news conference on Tuesday, Dr. Gonsalves… Continue Reading →

The Greiggs Garifuna Council Will Be Introducing Two Innovations For Its Annual Heritage Festival

Chief Representative of the Council John Nero an initiative will be launched to trace bloodlines back to the elders who resided in the community in the year 1905. Mr. Nero said the Council will also unveil a forty year plan, which will include projects and ideas for the further development if the community. The festival… Continue Reading →