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ULP, NDP and DRP To Sign Code of Conduct

Three of the Political Parties which will be taking part in the December 9th General Elections will sign a Code of Conduct next week which will provide guidelines on how they conduct their activities during the Election Campaign. The signing ceremony is set to take place next week Tuesday November 17th at the Methodist Church… Continue Reading →

Dr.Ralph Gonsalves At The ULP National Convention

Local Educator Deborah Charles is the lone female amongst the slate of candidates for the Unity Labour Party, who will be contesting this country’s upcoming General Elections. The fifteen candidates were officially presented at the Party’s 21st National Convention held yesterday at the Campden Park Secondary School. The candidates are Montgomery Daniel for North Windward;… Continue Reading →

This Thursday Marks The 20th Anniversary Of The ULP

The Unity Labour Party is this week celebrating its 20th anniversary as a Political Party. Prime Minister and Party Leader, Dr. Ralph Gonsalves says Thursday October 16th marks a significant milestone in the history of the ruling Unity Labour Party. The Prime Minister expressed appreciation to individuals whom he said have contributed significantly to his… Continue Reading →