Dr.Ralph Gonsalves At The ULP National Convention

Local Educator Deborah Charles is the lone female amongst the slate of candidates for the Unity Labour Party, who will be contesting this country’s upcoming General Elections.

The fifteen candidates were officially presented at the Party’s 21st National Convention held yesterday at the Campden Park Secondary School.

The candidates are Montgomery Daniel for North Windward; Ralph Gonsalves North Central Windward; Frederick Stephenson – South Windward; Saboto Caesar –South Central Windward; Jimmy Prince – Marriaqua; Camillo Gonsalves – East St. George; Cecil McKie – West St. George; Luke Browne – East Kingstown; Berrisford Phillips – Central Kingstown; Deborah Charles – West Kingstown; Jomo Thomas – South Leeward; Louis Straker – Central Leeward; Carlos James – North Leeward; Herman Belmar – Northern Grenadines and Edwin Snagg – Southern Grenadines.

Six of the candidates are facing the electorate for the first time. They are all promising representation that will improve the lives of Vincentians.

The Convention was held under the theme “Labour – Great Leadership – Strong Performance – Leh We Go – Four Inna Row”.

Meanwhile … Political Leader of the Unity Labour Party, Dr. Ralph Gonsalves said the Party has assembled some of the finest and most talented individuals to contest the upcoming poll.
He said the candidates are all united and energized for their fourth election victory

Dr. Gonsalves said he wants the election campaign to be one about Love.
The Convention also featured several performances by local artistes.