ULP Youth Arm Convention

The Unity Labour Party held its Youth Arm Convention yesterday as it prepares from the upcoming General Elections, constitutionally due by March next year.

The Convention, held at the Thomas Saunders Secondary School was described as the largest Youth Convention ever held by the Party.

During the morning session, the advances made by the ruling Unity Labour Party Administration over the past fourteen years were highlighted by Youth Representatives from the fifteen constituencies

They reported on the Government’s achievements in Education, Health, Housing Sports and Culture among others.

This was followed by the feature address by Parliamentary Representative for South Central Windward Saboto Caesar, who said that there have been major investments in the youths of this country.
Senator Saboto Caesar addressing hundreds of young people at the Youth Arm Convention yesterday.

The Convention was held under the theme “Empowering Our Youth – Securing Tomorrow – Four Inna Row”.

Meanwhile … In his address, Political Leader Dr. Ralph Gonsalves said the Unity Labour Party will be implementing an Agenda for Youth Empowerment, which includes seven Policy Goals.

He said the policies are to ensure and enhance youth participation at all levels of decision making.