Veteran Vincentian Ace Long Distance Runner Pamenos Ballantyne won the Men’s NACAC 10K Road Race from Prospect to Kingstown at the weekend in a time of 33 minutes 21.48 seconds.

Second was Junior Ashton in 35 minutes 14.69 seconds and Josnel Ashton third in 38 minutes, 01.86 seconds, fourth Casnel Lewis in 38 minutes, 04.31 seconds and Cyron Lewis finished fifth in 39 minutes 32.72 seconds.

The Women’s category was won by Linda McDowall in a time of 41 minutes, 25.10 seconds, second was Grenadian Kenisha Pascal in 42 minutes 04.97 seconds, third Samantha Lynch in 53 minutes 20.01 seconds, Sorenya Miller was fourth in 54 minutes, 36.66 seconds and fifth was Sheva Butcher in one hour, 2 minutes, 44.23 seconds.