SVG General Services Junior Tennis Championships Results

Luka Lyttle, Sebastian Cyrus, Taj Ballantyne, Antonio Caine Nicolette Hadaway and Gabrielle Benn won matches yesterday in the SVG General Services Junior Tennis Championships at the Haddon Hotel Courts at Murray Road, Richmond Hill here in Kingstown and at the National Tennis Centre at Calliaqua.

 At the National Tennis Centre in Calliaqua, Luka Lyttle defeated Amarlia Benn 6-2, 6-1 in the Under-16 Division and Sebastian Cyrus won from Richard Hoyte 6-4, 6-Love.

Taj Ballantyne outclassed Richard Akcayli 6-2, 2-6, 7-6 in the Under-18 Division also at the National Tennis Centre.

In the Under-12 Competition at the Grassroot Centre Tennis Club at the Haddon Hotel Courts, Antonio Cain won in two sets 4-Love, 4-2 from Ria Connell and Nicolette Hadaway defeated Alisha Culzac 4-Love, 4-Love.

At the same venue, Gabrielle Benn overcame Amarlia Benn 5-3, 4-2 in the Under-14 Singles.

The Championships will climax with the Finals today. At the Grassroot Tennis Club’s Haddon Hotel Courts at Murray, Kingstown there will be the finals of the Under-14 Girls, the Under-14 Boys, the Under-14 Boys Doubles and the Under-16 Girls as well as the Under-21 Girls.

And, at the National Tennis Centre at Calliaqua, it will be the Finals of the Boys Under-21, the Boys Under-16 and the Boys Under-18.

The Closing Ceremony and Presentation of Trophies will be at 4:30 pm today.