LIME Carriacou Athletics Results

Hillsborough Secondary with 648.5 points won the 2014 LIME Carriacou Secondary School’s Athletics Championships at the Hillsborough Recreation Grounds in Carriacou at the weekend.

Second was Bishop’s College also of Carriacou with 429.50 points and Union Secondary School third with 222 points.

Hillsborough Secondary won both the Field Events with 271.5 points and the Track Events with 377 points, second in the Field Events was Bishop’s College of Carriacou with 195.50 points and in the Track Events they finished with 234.50 points.

Union Islands Secondary finished third with 53 points in the Field Events and 167 points in the Track Events.

The march-pass was won by Bishop’s College Secondary with 92 points, Hillsborough Secondary School second with 66 points and third Union Island Secondary School with 50 points.

Allia Romain of Hillsborough Secondary won the Victrix Ludorium Title with 23 points, while the Victor Ludorium Title was won by Eugene Patrice also of Hillsborough Secondary with 26 points.