National Public Library Project

The National Public Library is receiving assistance from the Czech Republic to develop its Multimedia Room.

The Permanent Mission of the Czech Republic to the United Nations has contributed 25-thousand US dollars to purchase equipment and supplies to develop the National Public Libraries Multimedia room.

A release from the Department of Libraries, Archives and documentation Services says that the main objective of the National Library Multimedia Project is to provide access to library resources and services to the visually impaired and the blind.

It will also seek to preserve the historical documents at the National Archives by creating a local repository for Vincentian records; as well as provide additional research material for students and researchers who study via distance at the college or university level.

The release says these equipment would be used to offer information literacy programs to the public, offer braille services to the blind and visually impaired and to provide access to electronic databases to members of the public.

The School for children with special Needs Kingstown and Georgetown and the National Society of Persons with disabilities have been identified to use these equipment.

A handing over ceremony for the equipment will be held at the National Public Library, beginning at nine this morning.