NLA First Division Cricket Results

There were victories for I-Shallz Byam’s Physical Therapy, The News Spartans gained first innings lead in over Police (2) in their drawn Premier Division match of the National Lotteries Authority Cricket Championship at the Main Arnos Vale Playing Field.

Saturday 10th May

iShallz Byam’s Physical Therapy Vs. Neil Williams Academy at Buccament: iShallz Byam’s Physical Therapy won

Neil Williams Academy Inning: 67 all-out

Javon Samuel 4 for 32, Javid Harry 4 for 18

iShallz Byam’s Physical Therapy Inning:193 all-out

Carlton Woodley 45 not-out, Danny Allen 35
Joelano Neil 3 for 25, Ian Allen 3 for 37

Sunday 11th May

Buccament Bay Androids Vs. Triumph United Cricket Club “B” at Buccament: Buccament Bay Androids won

Triumph United Cricket Club “B” Inning: 71 all-out

Joel Ogarro 4 for 16, Wesley Simmons 2 for 6, Obed Mccoy 2 for 18

Buccament Bay Androids Inning: 325 all-out

Venol Collis 92, Shawn Ogarro 55, Renwick Quashie 40
Keyan Dowers 3 for 16

Police Three Vs. Young Warriors at Sion Hill: Police Three won the game

Police Three Inning: 209 all-out in 28 overs

Alrick Ellis 48, Renwick Cato 38
Sim Knights 4 for 33, Kentish Phillips 3 for 22

Young Warriors Inning: 134 all-out 23.1 overs

Lex Frederick 22

Robertson’s Surveying Belmont United Vs. Triumph United Cricket Club “A” at Arnos Vale 2: Triumph United Cricket Club “A” won

Triumph United Cricket Club “A” Inning: 313 for 7 off 45.1 overs

Shamon Hooper 111 not-out, Nigel Small 64

Robertson’s Surveying Belmont United Inning: 135 all-out in 42.2 overs

Jerome Samuel 37
Vangel Small 3 for 10

Smashers Vs Team Rivals 2 at Park Hill: Smashers won the game.

Team Rivals 2 Inning: 115 all-out in 33 overs

Davean Barnum 37, Ramano Grant 31

Anthony Charles 4 for 34

Smashers Inning: 144 all-out in 28.2 overs

Darren Russel 41, Ozico Williams 41, Darren Russel 30
Imran Smith 3 for 47, Antus Wright 3 for 22