Netball Presentation

Teams and Individuals who took part in the 2014 LIME 4G National Netball Championship will receive their Prizes this afternoon at the Kingstown Netball Center at New Montrose from half past four.

Earlier in the season, Western Union Mitres dethroned defending champions Vita Malt Maple to win the Division (1) League Title. French Verandah X-Ceed placed third.

Twilight Trading X-Ceed clinched the Division 2 Title, second Vita Malt Sea Operations Nar Fren Dem and Green Hill Sports and Cultural Club third.

The Division (3) was won by Dutch Lady Clinchers, second, Netters Team and third was Everready Future Stars.

Turbo Plus Maple won the Division (4) Title, New Era Peppers Stars second and third ASCO (3).