Greggs Softball Cricket Weekend 16 & 17 Results

Country Meets Town Out-Ah-Trouble beat Corner Bar Reloaded by 88 runs in one of two matches played at the weekend in the Hairoun/Sea Operations Nar Fren Dem/Courtesy Sport Greggs Twenty/20 Softball Cricket Championship at the Greggs Playing Field.

The scores: Country Meets Town Out-Ah-Trouble 161 for 7 off 20-overs; Kemron Lucas 50, Emril Bobb 40, Bertrum James 34; Dale Yorke 2 for 6.

Corner Bar Reloaded 73 off 18.3-overs; Shemroy Primus 3 for 12.

In the other match, West Side gained an eight-run win over Panthers. SCORES: West Side 116 off 15.5-overs; Ackeem Nanton 27, Jamarie Hoyte 20; Verrol Henry 3 for 38.

Panthers 108 for 6 off 20-overs; Ronaldo Ashton 28, Verrol Henry 24.

The Championship will continue this weekend.