“NICE” Letter Of Apology To Dr.Ralph Gonsalves

The owner of Nice Radio Douglas DeFreitas and Radio Host Margaret London have written letters of apology to Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves, after he threatened to take legal action against them for statements made on a radio programme.

Mr. DeFreitas apologized for the incident and requested that the Prime Minister does not take any legal action against Nice Radio.

In her letter, Ms. London said it was not her intent to defame anyone and expressed apology for causing harm to anyone and for any distress caused by the alleged comments.

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  1. Ralph needs to grow up man…. We know he’s a lawyer and a good one i might add but he is taking on too much little nonsense .Stop being so idle Mr prime minister. Defend yourself and family when there is a need to but you taking this blinking sue thing too far.

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