SVG Team Athletics Hurdles Latest

The National Hurdles Classic is scheduled to be held at the Arnos Vale Playing Field on 21 March 2014 from 9:00 – 12:00 midday.

The classic will be conducted in a workshop format where coaches will go through the progression of hurdles with athletes and interested coaches.

TASVG is extending an invitation to all coaches and athletes to participate in this important event. It is the intent of TASVG to include relay events in future championships as such all should take this opportunity to learn the skill and rules or refresh their memory as needs be. No registration necessary.

All coaches who wish to assist can contact the General Secretary via this email or at Olympic House, the NOC Headquarters.
Lord Sebastin Coe, the head of the British Olympic Committee will be visiting SVG on that day and we expect that he will visit Arnos Vale to meet with the athletes and coaches.
Tyrone James