The Electoral List Will Be Released Next Week

The Electoral Office is advising the public that the list of names to be removed from the Voters List will not be published today, as earlier announced.
According to information from Supervisor of Elections, Sylvia Findlay the list will now be released next week Friday June 26th.

Miss Findlay had announced at a News Conference this month that just over twenty-three thousand, five hundred names are to be removed from the voters’ list, ahead of the upcoming general elections expected to be held later this year.

It will affect Vincentians whose national ID cards were issued prior to June 2005.

Miss Findlay had announced that the names will published in the media as well as in every constituency.
Persons whose names appear on this list have a 30 day grace period, after publication, in which to provide evidence why their name should not be removed.

The Office of the Supervisor of Elections is urging all Vincentian nationals who are eligible to be registered as voters to ensure that they visit one of the registration centres in their respective constituencies, or the Electoral Office on Bay Street, Kingstown as soon as possible to register as a voter, to update their voter registration, or to clarify their registration status.