Voter Hot Line

The Electoral Office has established a hotline to assist voters who may have queries on various issues, ahead of the December 9th General Elections.

Supervisor of Elections Sylvia Findlay-Scrubb says the hotline number is: 4512378.

Mrs. Findlay-Scrubb says the hotline was established to ensure that voters can have their queries answered in the quickest possible time.

A Special Voter Registration Period is now in effect, and will conclude on Monday November 23rd. Anyone seeking to be registered should be 18 years or older, and must be a citizen of St. Vincent and the Grenadines, or a Commonwealth Citizen.

Persons seeking to register should have been residing in the country for a period of NOT less than twelve months preceding the date he or she applies to be registered as a Voter.

Another requirement is that the individual must have lived in a constituency for a period of NOT less than six months immediately preceding the date to be registered as a voter.

A Preliminary List of eligible Voters in St. Vincent and the Grenadines has been posted at several venues across the country.