“Bittersweet – Love, Sweat and Tears”

Remnants of Gideon, a group of Christian dramatists, has announced plans to stage a Theatrical Production entitled “Bittersweet – Love, Sweat and Tears” early next year.

The group says this play, which highlights the scourge of domestic abuse in the country, will be staged at the Memorial Hall from January 1st to 3rd.

With a cast of 10 members, the play promises to deliver a strong storyline, dramatic hooks and to present a sobering message of hope and reconciliation.

Remnants of Gideon has produced several stage plays over the years from “The Pri$e of Happiness” in 2011, “Bride of Envy” in 2012, “Broken Circles” in 2013 to “Ugly” in 2014.

Mrs. Sherilan “Sheree” Dennie Edward has been Playwright and Director of Remnants of Gideon’s productions over the years.