Polls Predict ULP Victory In The St. Vincent and the Grenadines 2015 General Election

With the 2015 General election few days away, the Unity Labour Party ((ULP) is tipped to win.

The Barbados-based Caribbean Development Research Services (CADRES) says it had conducted 800 face-to-face interviews on the 13 mainland constituencies between the 20th and the 22nd of November, 2015; investigating Vincentian likely voting behavoiur, and the ULP is “likely to emerge victorious” in the December 9th general election.

CADRES predictions show that the General election will not even be a close call, despite its earlier prediction in October that showed the elections as tight; however the winner of the 2015 election is likely to be the ULP.

The latest CADRES’s results issued December 1st, show 43 percent of the respondents casting their ballots in favour of the ULP, while the NDP lags well behind with 28%; and a further 29%, either unsure of their voting intentions or preferred not to say.

The research also investigated the popularity of the two potential leaders by way of a direct question asking respondents which person they prefer to be led by; some 61% expressed a preference for the Leader of the ULP Dr. Ralph Gonsalves, while 37% preferred Opposition Leader Arnhim Eustace, and 2% preferred other.
The poll has a margin of error of minus or plus five per cent.

CADRES noted that its projection for the 2015 General election is based on stated voter intentions when the research was conducted, however voter intentions could be modified (in either direction) in the remaining days leading up to December 9th.