The Urban League of Ottley Hall and Edinboro To Convene Town Hall Meeting

The Urban League of Ottley Hall and Edinboro will convene a Town Hall Meeting next week, to discuss the upsurge in criminal activity in Ottley Hall and Edinboro.

In a release, the League expressed concern about the sudden upsurge of violence in both communities, as well as in nearby Rose Place. It said residents have expressed concern that these areas are being called undesirable places to live, work and use recreational facilities.

The Urban League said it has therefore taken the initiative and invited a number of high profile individuals, as well as representatives of a number of organizations to a Town Hall Meeting.

The meeting will take place at The Palace in Ottley Hall on Wednesday 18th May from 5:30 p.m.

The session will look at: a narrative on the recent violence and criminal Acts; the Immediate effects on Residents, especially the Children; Proposed Strategies to effect Positive Changes; and a work Plan for the Engagement of National and Community Non- Governmental Organizations to support the communities’ efforts for Conflict Resolution and Peace Building.

The League is appealing to residents of the affected areas to make an effort to attend next week’s Town Hall Meeting.