Barrel Concessions

Persons expecting barrels for the Christmas season will benefit from the annual Concessions offered by the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Port Authority.

Walwyn Nichols, Operations Officer at the SVG Port Authority said the concessionary period, which commenced on November 14th, will run through to December 31st.

Speaking this morning, Mr. Nichols said the Port Authority is anticipating another busy season this Christmas and he is appealing to persons expecting barrels this season to make an effort to collect them as soon as possible.

Mr. Nichols said that at the port they work with limited space and that it is of importance that once you are aware that your barrel is at the port, you try your very best to collect. He stated that they look forward once again to a very successful concessionary period.

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  1. What nonsense is this, since when does Port Authority give concession. As the National Broadcasters you should get your facts straight before releasing to the general public. Concessions are done through The Customs and Excise Department and issued by the Government (The Ministry of Finance).

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