The Early Childhood Department in the Ministry of Education hosted an Awards Ceremony at Frenches House last Friday, to recognize the contribution of Parents, Practitioners and Institutions in the Early Childhood Sub-sector.

The three categories of Awards presented were: Parents Award, Best Practices Award and Practitioners Award.

The Parents Award went to the Parents who not only care for their own children but other children and are always supportive of the Early Childhood Center that their child attends.

The Best Practices Award was given to the Schools that demonstrate the best standards and the Practitioners Award went to the Teachers who are dependable, responsible and are able to manage the Early Childhood Centers in the absence of the owner.

This is the 3rd year that the Early Childhood Department in the Ministry of Education was hosting an Awards Ceremony to recognize the contributions of those in Early Childhood Education. Awards and Certificates were sponsored by businesses in Kingstown.