Prizes will be awarded here this week to the winners in the various categories of the 2018 VINLEC National Science and Technology Fair.

The Fair was held during the month of February, under the theme Go Creative: Do Science.

The display featured projects relating to Agriculture, Food Science, Computer Science and Robotics, Biology and Environmental Science, Behavioural and Social Sciences, Chemistry, Explanatory Models and Drawings, Physics and Engineering, and Mathematics.

There was also a “Go Creative” category to capture the more innovative ideas, inventions. The Fair was open to students, as well as the wider Vincentian populace.

The VINLEC Science and Technology Fair is a production of the Ministry of Education, in collaboration with the SVG Science Teachers’ Association, and is sponsored by St. Vincent Electricity Services Limited (VINLEC).

This week’s Prize-Giving and Awards Ceremony will take place on Friday at the Peace Memorial hall from nine-thirty in the morning.