A new Medicinal Cannabis Farm called Thirty-Two Islands Inc has been launched here

A new Medicinal Cannabis Farm called Thirty-Two Islands Inc. which was established by Vincentians living in St. Vincent and the Grenadines and the USA, has been launched here.

Officials from the Medicinal Cannabis Authority; the Ministry of Agriculture, and representatives of various traditional cultivator groups, journeyed to Richmond, to witness the official launch of the Cannabis Farm.

The CEO Michael DeRiggs says the Company has spent approximately 200-thousand US dollars in preparing the land for farming.

Mr. DeRiggs who is currently in the USA, says once the farm is fully operational, there will be the employment of 10 to 15 individuals. Meanwhile, Chief Operating Officer of Thirty-Two Island Inc. Norville Abraham says the Company’s plan is to set out a diversified farm that incorporates cultivation of turmeric, ginger and several fruit trees.

Chief Executive Officer of the Medicinal Cannabis Authority, Dr. Jerrol Thompson says the Medicinal Cannabis would not be a successful venture without the traditional cultivators.