Cricket West Indies President, Ricky Skerritt and Vice President, Dr. Kishore Shallow have officially launched their bid for a second two-year term, with promises to build on the 1st term of their leadership of regional cricket.

Under a campaign slogan “Forward ‘WI’ Go”, Skerritt and Dr. Shallow have promised to continue to lead the fight for organizational modernization, including greater transparency, accountability, and partnership with all stakeholders, designed to support and prepare for achieving the best possible on-field results.

Skerritt said he and Dr. Shallow would also continue to battle against petty boardroom politics and territorial insularity, two of the biggest enemies of West Indies cricket progress. They are being challenged by Guyana Cricket Board’s Secretary, Anand Sanasie and Barbados Cricket Association Vice President, Calvin Hope.

Skerritt and Dr. Shallow were nominated by the Leeward Islands Cricket Board and the Trinidad and Tobago Cricket Board.
They also said that they have the support of the Windward Islands Cricket Board (WICB), and are predicting similar support from the Jamaica Cricket Association (JCA).

The elections are scheduled for 28th March at the Annual General Meeting of Cricket West Indies (CWI).