One of St Vincent and the Grenadines leading Club cricketer and cricket administrator, Peter Campbell died at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Barbados in the wee hours of Tuesday morning after a brief illness. Campbell has been living and working in Barbados for some time. He was 52.

He was admitted to hospital on 22nd March with what at first appeared to be a common cold and severe sinus problems, but was later diagnosed as having contracted COVID-19. He had to be placed on a respirator, went into a coma and never recovered.

Campbell played for the St Vincent and the Grenadines Youth Team, and for Voyagers and then Rivals in the National Cricket Championships.

He served on the Executive of the St Vincent and the Grenadines Cricket Association, and was the main force behind the administration of Premier Division Club, Rivals here after the death of its founder, Carlos “FATMAN” Veira.

Campbell was married with four children whose ages range from 11 to 26.