The World Central Kitchen (WCK) is in urgent need of volunteers to continue the tremendous work being done here in SVG

The World Central Kitchen, WCK, has been commended for the work it is doing, in feeding Vincentians, in the wake of the explosive eruption at La Soufriere Volcano.

The commendation came from Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves, during a tour on Sunday to the Hospitality Institute located at Diamond, where the WCK is operating.

The Prime Minister said priority was given at the Port to supplies coming in for the WCK, which is currently providing about seven thousand meals to affected persons. He said the Government is continuing to work closely with organizations which are providing meals for affected persons at this time.

Meanwhile an urgent appeal has been made, for more Volunteers to come forward to assist the World Central Kitchen WCK in providing meals to persons affected by the volcanic eruption.

The appeal came from Director of Emergency Response for the WCK, Samuel Bloch, who said the biggest challenge has been delivering meals to several locations across the country.

Mr. Bloch said as the need for more meals increases they are hoping that more people can come forward to volunteer their services so that the World Central Kitchen can provide more meals on a daily basis.

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