Coast guard recovers the bodies of three of the four missing crew members of the MV Fair Chance

The bodies of three of the four missing crew members of the Vincentian vessel, MV Fair Chance, have been recovered by the Coast Guard, 16 days after the vessel overturned five nautical miles in the Gulf of Paria.

However, divers say the fourth was “unaccounted for” after searching Monday.

The recovery team, involving Coast Guard and commercial professionals, managed to get the vessel afloat Sunday morning, after other efforts to recover the bodies failed.

The Coast Guard issued a statement last night stating that cargo and other debris had blocked the hatches and doorways, delaying their attempts to recover the bodies.

The Coast Guard said a commercial salvage company was hired to assist with cutting a hole in the deck so that access could be gained.

It said the hole was cut but divers from neither the Coast Guard nor the commercial company could force their way in through the cargo and debris that blocked access to the accommodation areas of the vessel.

It added that on Monday, the Coast Guard, accompanied by members of the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service, was able to enter the vessel to begin the process of clearing of debris.

“Unfortunately, the Coast Guard recovered the remains of three persons inside of Fair Chance. This leaves one person still unaccounted for according to the surviving crewmembers rescued immediately after the vessel overturned.”

The remains of the others, Owen Prescott, Eric Calliste and Devon Celestine were removed for forensic examination last evening.

The MV Fair Chance left Trinidad on April 2nd with seven people aboard destined for Grenada and St Vincent and the Grenadines.

During its journey, for reasons yet to be confirmed, the vessel overturned.

Two crew members, Derron Small and Johnel McIntosh, were rescued by a passing vessel.

On April 7, the body of a crew member was recovered by divers.