Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy will soon become available to Vincentian divers

Vincentian divers will have a new safety net when the Government procures a Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy chamber which allows for divers who experience decompression sickness or “Bends” to be treated locally.

According to a release from the Agency for Public Information API, Minister of Finance Hon Camillo Gonsalves said; “he received from the Chief Medical Officer the final specifications for a containerized hyperbaric chamber, with the Cabinet’s approval.

Minister Gonsalves said with the specifications now in hand he can promise the conch fishers of St. Vincent and the Grenadines that they would be able to dive more safely.

For a number of years, divers who experienced decompression sickness or “Bends” were treated regionally as Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy was not available in country, and in some cases, this resulted in deaths of fishermen.

The acquisition of this machine is in line with the Government’s objective to promote safety and to improve the overall welfare of the local fisher folk.