Sexual Assault victims have been reminded that support is available to them

Young persons who may have experienced sexual assault have been reminded that support is available, as they seek redress.

The reminder has come from Assistant Director of Public Prosecutions, Tameka Dasilva Mackenzie.

Mrs. Dasilva-Mackenzie noted that there are instances where young people who are sexually assaulted, do not receive the necessary support from parents or guardians.

She encouraged persons who have been assaulted to find someone who they can trust to report the matter to the relevant authorities.

Mrs. Dasilva Mackenzie said Social Workers can also work with children who have been sexually assaulted, to ensure that they do not    have to deal with this issue alone.


A two-day Symposium on Sexual Assault is being held here from today, as part of a week of activities spearheaded by the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions.


The Symposium is being held in collaboration with the Ministry of Health and the Police Force.  The sessions are targeting Public Servants, and are closed to the general public